Got a Wedding Invite? Beware Of The Stereotypical Aunties

types of aunties

Indian weddings are nothing less than a trivia of funny incidents with different types of aunties hanging around for different reasons mean things obvious

Be it any wedding, you will always spot an aunty who is as hilarious as any movie character can be! They have their say on everything; even if they are not even remotely connected to the bride and the groom! However, as they always quote ‘experience talks’, these aunties are as ‘Crunchy’ and cocky as they can be.

Here is our list for you to be aware of these alarming aunties at weddings:

The Glamourous Lot

She is all dressed, her makeup is on point and she has the looks to kill! However, her eyes are on all the other autnies giving her a tough competition. You can make out overdressed people for even small functions like shagun or a mehendi in seconds. They don’t believe in keeping anything low profile.

types of aunties

The Dancer Dolls

These aunties don’t believe in sitting in one corner. They have to dance on every song, showing their not-so-sexy moves and they themselves can’t stop raving about themselves. You can see this group dancing enthusiastically to the tunes of predictable item songs, and they are certainly the only source of entertainment for many getting bored at such events.

types of aunties

The Ones Always Laughing

Be it a silent laugh, or a heaty laugh or just any laugh, these types of aunties can be seen showing all their teeth to either get clicked or just to grab the attention of all. They might just laugh on their own jokes, but they certainly love the limelight that they get! Mind it; for them, any attention is good attention.

types of aunties

The Gossip mongers

This lot of everywhere; they have their expert comments on every person present at the venue. As funny as it can be, they might not even leave the bride and groom from the criticism. They have an eye to find people of their league and would sit and discuss everything from the latest affairs to the whats hot or not at the wedding. Beware of these, they are extra critical on every subject!

types of aunties

The Two-legged Matrimonial Sites

They will hunt you down and approach you for future prospects or their unmarried boys or girls in their family tree. They have a database of prospective brides and grooms imprinted on their minds just like a computer. Their only aim is matchmaking, and for that they may just stoop down to any level!

types of aunties


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