Let’s Get Social For Internal Communications

Let's Get Social For Internal Communications

A smarter, sharper and swifter way to communicate internally!

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc are fast gaining importance not just for Online Reputation Management, but as a means to communicate effectively with internal customers. Through carefully supervised online communities, top level management can gain more access to the general buzz in the company, while engaging with employees more efficiently.

Bridging the Gap

With organisations becoming flatter, CEOs being seen as the inaccessible crème-de-la-crème of the company is a thing of the past. It’s time the ‘Open door policy’ is experienced real time. With the use of technology, internal communications no longer have to rely on the top-down approach. The new headquarters of Facebook spells collaboration, connectivity and transparency. It’s only fair to expect communications, both internal and external, to imbibe these futuristic qualities, too

Let's Get Social For Internal Communications

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Want to reach out to the millenials? What better way than going mobile! For those hooked onto their devices 24/7, there’s nothing better than developing a mobile app that keeps them abreast of the happenings and news about the company. Instant messaging apps like LINE, WeChat, Hike, etc are likely to pose a threat to social media platforms, as they are better for one-on-one communication. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, eh

Let's Get Social For Internal Communications

The Visual Appeal

Let’s face it; videos grab more eyeballs than words. Nothing can come close to visual content such as Vlogs and videos, in the ability to put a point across. Visual content is much more ‘human’ and is fairly easy to comprehend. Chances of a CEO/CFO being misread or misunderstood through a video are very less. The reach and entertainment value of a video cannot be undermined. We’ve all seen videos of flash mobs conducted in companies to lighten the atmosphere. Imagine a CEO greeting a batch of new joinees through a fun and motivating AV. Now, there’s a novel way to bring people on board!

Let's Get Social For Internal Communications

Upgrade to technology – Go Mobile…Mobile…Mobile

While email still remains unarguably the most convenient medium, mobile is fast catching up. Smartphones are no longer considered out of reach and for employees on the go and scattered across, this serves as a quick and convenient way to catch up on company news.

Let's Get Social For Internal Communications

More connected senior leadership communication

CEO /CFO and other senior managers communicate sparsely and in between. Also the voice of communication at times is disconnected and less human. The gaps between communications are high and very formal.
The benefits of getting onto social media far outweighs the risks. It’s an enemy you cant beat. Might as well joing them. Interesting company news on social media can go a long way in continually building your brand.

Let's Get Social For Internal Communications


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