Having Sex Problems? Talk To Your Partner and It is Totally Okay

If you having these problems, and they are SEX problems, it is totally fine to talk it out with your partner!

Sex is not the same always, exciting, and successful! Sex also brings with it a bag full of problems, emotions! And if there is a problem, you better talk it out with your partner!

Trying Out Something New

Having Sex Problems

Trying new things at sex is good but it can certainly raise a lot of questions for the couples. Don’t be scared to confront your partner with any problems you have with new ideas. It is best to talk rather than fake it. You never know that doing something that you have problems with may cause even more problems for you both!


Having Sex Problems

Reading it in bold! It is in bold! One of the most dangerous things to be done, if not trying to have a baby or an army of kids, don’t think twice before talking to your partner about this. You never know, a second late and that very steamy session would lead to a baby or may be a disease.

Discussing About Sexual Health

Having Sex Problems

If you are active with your partner, be upfront in facing your sexual health problems. Why just share the happy times. With a lot of intercourse comes a lot of problems. So, don’t hide and it may lead to bigger health problems in future.


Having Sex Problems

Too much of too less, both has its problems! So, not talking about this would not solve things between you both on its own. You better speak up to your partner about the same so that either you don’t dry up with multiple sessions or just get too bored of less sex!

 Turn offs Out in The Open

Having Sex Problems

It is normal for you to not like something about your partner. So why to just keep it to yourself! Be blunt and share and discuss. If not perfected on time, you both might be history!

To sum it all, having problems between couples is just fine! Two humans lead to a gamut of problems. It is wise to talk it out rather than keeping everything in you and then facing the repercussions of the same.


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