Girls! You Should Certainly Know This About The G-Spot

G Spot of girls

Hey girlies! Brace yourself for some serious knowledge here!

Debates have been many surrounding the G-Spot. And if you have never figured out the spot, we must tell you that it surely gives you the pleasure to scream out of happiness during lovemaking. So, read on to know something and everything about the G-SPOT!

Orgasms are not only vaginal orgasm

For your information ladies, orgasm is of different sorts! Apart from vaginal orgasm, there is clitoral orgasm, which is achieved by touching the clitoris.

G Spot


It is not really a spot…

As the name mentions it to be a spot, G-Spot is actually the area of the anterior wall of the vagina. This is the thing which makes lovemaking an oh lala experience!

G Spot


The name is after a human

Named after gynaecologist Ernest Grafenberg, he was the one to present a paper named ‘The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm’. All this was in the year 1950. Never thought of this having a history attached to it right!

g spot


When stimulated, G-Spot becomes double its size

When normal, it is just as big as a pea! However, when the lady is in the mood, it can become twice its original size. So, now men do you understand the importance of foreplay for the ladies wink!



‘Women on top’ is the best for ladies!

The absolute winner position for the ladies is ‘women on top’ for ultimate pleasure. A little thrusting and the G-spot is at its best!



It is ‘the’ spot

According to a Hindu practice, the Tantric Sex, G-Spot is the spot for the ladies. In other words, it is also known to be the women’s emotional sexual spot, making the ladies respond to sex!

The G-Spot

Still a mystery to many ladies where it is!

A lot many ladies actually don’t know where the G-Spot is. Though it’s not the only spot to get orgasm but it does give you pleasure at its best once reached!


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