Health Myths Men Still Believe In

If you still swear by these factors for a healthy and fit living, you might be mistaken…

Despite several efforts made by experts, there are still some misconceptions that men swear by. There are endless such tales that have been misinterpreted and misconstrued over time. Not anymore! Here is our list busting those myths for men…

The biggest enemy – Carbs

 Health Myths Men Still Believe In

Let’s face it! Skipping carbohydrates means taking away that source of energy from your body. Those living a hectic lifestyle should never forget to supplement their body with the required energy to sail through the whole day without any fatigue. Totally eliminating carbs from your diet may just result in loss of energy and not loss of weight.

Running on road is a no-no

Health Myths Men Still Believe In

If you think that running on the knees may make your knee go ouch, then you must think about those kids running blatantly on roads for playing or even before school. They never think much about the fact whether running on the road would harm their knees. If you still think this way, it is best to start with body warming exercises and then hit the road for running. Work on the mobility of hip, knees and ankle joints. Start running on treadmill, cross trainer, on road walk, jog, run and sprint before the actual thing.

No water during workouts

Health Myths Men Still Believe In

Who said drinking water is harmful during exercises. Water not just supplements your body in terms of energy but keeps you hydrated throughout as you may be sweating like a pig. Drink small amount of water in between your workouts so that you don’t feel dizzy or anything of this sorts. Lack of water can cause exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

Function training is not for cuts

Health Myths Men Still Believe In

It is important for a person exercising to understand that activities like push, pull, carry, run, climb, jump, swim, throw, cut and eat are some of basic functional moves that are needed to bring a remarkable change in your body. So till all these things are not in place, it is almost impossible to get those cuts in your body.

Once you stop exercising, you gain weight

Health Myths Men Still Believe In

The only thing here is, once you stop exercising, you just feel extremely lethargic. Also, if you gaining weight, it is your lifestyle which is to be blamed and not exercising. Once you start, you are back to your old lifestyle, which may contribute highly into your weight weight gain.

Extra protein is more muscles

Health Myths Men Still Believe In

As we always say, excess of anything is extremely unhealthy. Protein is important for muscle building but it is not everything. You need to intake everything like protein, vitamins, carbs and minerals in a right amount hence neglecting protein totally can be lethal.


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