These are Not Just Games But Memory Enhancers For Your Kids

jigsaw puzzle blocks

It is said that games are the best way to understand and learn many complex theories with ease. We list out some games that have proved to be a tested memory enhancer for the kids.

With computers and technology taking the front row, many play-way methods have lost their importance in today’s time. Playing is not just recreation but also important ways to keep your learning skills on fleak. There are many brain and memory enhancing games for overall development as all this helps in the cognitive development of the mind.

Here is our crunchy list of games that one must indulge in for a healthy mind!We list a few such games that can actually help in cognitive development of the child.

Scrabble: Learning correct spellings is one of the major tasks that kids face during their initial stages in school. Apart from those dictations taken in school, games like scrabble also helps the child learn many new spellings that they may not be aware of. This famous board game has been a part of everyone’s life at some point and it plays a major role in strengthening the vocabulary of the child.


Jigsaw puzzles: Kids love to assemble pieces and spend time making sense out of those many scattered jigsaw puzzle blocks. They may start from those small puzzles but with practice, presence of mind and analysing, the child actually progresses to those complex puzzles as time progresses. Jigsaw puzzles help drastically in the child’s brain development as they learn the art of analysing what will fit where to complete the puzzle.

jigsaw puzzle blocks

Chess: This board game is always associated with high intellect thinking. Chess makes the child gain insights into the nature of competition which will help them in any competitive endeavour. They also learn and develop analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills, which they can transfer to real life. This game involves deep thinking, where the player actually learns how to analyse each move before taking it. Chess is considered as one of the most challenging yet memory boosting game for children.

Chess Playing

Monopoly: You may see your child buying property, making houses and dealing with cash at such a young age with par excellence. This is what monopoly does to your child. This game invariably helps you child learn the art of financial planning and spending money wisely.


Sudoku: It was sudden wave when everyone could be seen solving sudoku puzzles. Be it any age group, this puzzle comes in three levels; beginners, intermediate and expert. Let your child start with the beginners as it is a great method for the brain workout. It is a combination of logic and intelligent guesswork.

sudoku puzzles

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