The Wonder Plant: Aloe Vera For Hair, Skin, Weight & More

That green plant in your garden is not just any ordinary plant occupying space over there; but it is a powerhouse of several nutrients that provides wonders to your skin, hair and body.

Yes, Aloe Vera is one such plant, which not just gives you a refreshed skin, but also those luscious locks and a skinny figure if used appropriately in your routine. The gel comprising of 96 per cent of water content, if applied on skin, it acts as a great moisturiser, natural cleanser and rejuvenator.

Aloe Vera For Beauty

Skin is always in need of nutrients to keep it healthy and active. And with a natural agent like Aloe Vera, your skincare routine is half taken care off. The soothing gel once applied on skin, those cold flashes on skin are certainly very relaxing and soothing. This is also known as a miracle herb, as it:

Aloe Vera For Beauty

  • Helps treats wounds
  • Takes care of minor cuts
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Relieves severe burns
  • Nourishes skin and delays aging procedure

Suitable for all skin types, this agent can be applied on skin in all seasons. It can be applied in the form of gel, pack or even in its original form.

Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

This magical herb is a great variant to improve your diet. It being high on amino acids, minerals and vitamins, all these majorly contribute towards effective weight loss. Its natural taste being extremely bitter, it can be taken in the following forms:

Aloe Vera For Weight Loss


  • Take the gel and cut it into dices in small pieces.
  • Mix it with a fruit juice. Also, the Aloe Vera leaves can be included in this.
  • Blend the leaves, strain them and drink it.
  • Honey can be mixed to reduce the bitterness.

Aloe Vera For Hair

We all have heard about Keratin, the protein for hair. Aloe Vera has a similar compound to Keratin which is extremely effective on hair. It helps in giving the hair more elasticity and preventing breakage.

Aloe Vera For Hair

For Overall Beauty!

This wonder herb can be a go-to-herb for all the possible problems pertaining to hair, skin and even weight!

Aloe Vera For Hair, Skin, Weight & More


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