Progressive Female Characters from Web Series That Can Be Your Inspiration


Gone are the days when women were coy and silent! It is the era of bold and the beautiful!

Women on television are most stereotyped as ‘becharis’, ‘abla’ and what not! Here comes a total transformation of women in the age of web series where the ladies are now taking the centre-stage, have bold roles and are not scared of portraying the reality to the world. The Indian web series of today are mirror image of what we have seen on television all these years!

Here are the sassy ladies who have their voices, and are pretty strong enough to take a stand for themselves!

Meera, Girl In The City

A small town girl comes to the big city with bigger dreams. A fashion designer by profession, she comes to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams and make it big in her career. She faces objection from her father every now and then but she never takes back the steps that she taken closer to her dreams.

Meera, Girl In The City

Tara, Baked

She plays the role of an ambitious DU student who is never sorry for her actions. Her life choices may have been wrong but never has she regretted taking any decision in life. Her character in the web series is shown smoking blatantly, without worrying much about the stereotypes that women face. Also, she is open to talk about topics like sex and foreplay.

Progressive Female Characters from Web Series

Shreya, Pitchers

We have seen in movies across the eras that how a girl is okay sacrifising her career over love and marriage. However, breaking the steretypes is Shreya in Pitchers. In the series, she is seen choosing her dream and ambition of studying in London over her boyfriend.

Progressive Female Characters from Web Series

Alisha, Alisha

She is confident and every bit fashionable. In her own words, she calls herself a fashion editor and is confident to bits. If you’ve always wanted a whodunit show with a strong female detective, you’ll love this.

Progressive Female Characters from Web Series

Chanchal, Tripling

Feeling trapped in her marriage, the main protagonist decides to go on a road trip. Surpassing her husbands expectations of being calm and poised always, she is the total opposite of the same and lives her time to the fullest. She dances her heart out in a public place. She even calls out her husband and brothers when they try to impose their decisions on them.

Progressive Female Characters from Web Series

So, take inspiration and speak your hearts out!

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