Jacqueline’s Fitness Streak

Jacqueline's Fitness Streak

We all drool over Jacqueline Fernandez and her maintained body. Wondering how does she do it?

This Bollywood diva is all quirky, chirpy and ever happy! Her presence is such that anybody with a frowning face would have an instant smile! Jacqueline not just believes in staying happy to be healthy, but she also does little things that keeps her fit and hearty! They may not be rigorous gym sessions, but she certainly knows how to maintain her bod!

She Swears by Raw Pressery Juices

Her latest instagram post denoted her love for writing and sharing her thoughts with the world. Her post talked how impressed she is with the RAW pressery juices and its several health benefits.

Vitamin D is her Tonic

She loves to bask in as much as sunlight to get sufficient amount of Vitamin D as a part of her healthy lifestyle.

@amateurridersclub the best way to get your Vitamin D for the day!! ?

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Flexible and Every Bit Charming

She believes in practicing her stretches and indulges in daily warmups to have a flexible and healthy body.

? @lanaroxy

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Love for Adventure

Whenever time, she does not shy away from trying new things! Her post on skiing was certainly an inspiration for all to stay healthy through all these fun activities.

This time last year! Now for a new adventure ?? #endofyeargoals

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Cleansing is the Key

She believes in going on cleansing diets and juice diets to keep herself fit and healthy!

Healthy is the Way of Living

She believes, “Health is not about your size or your weight, it’s about how strong you feel mentally, it’s about how much energy you give your day everyday and it’s about how confident you feel with your skill whatever it may be.. don’t try to be what the world wants you to be, be you and the world will adjust.. this world health day, take a stand for yourself”

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